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    I pulled this from the official forum - regarding beta performance issues

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    I pulled this from the official forum - regarding beta performance issues

    Post by Jerole on Sun May 04, 2008 10:43 pm

    Hello Everyone!

    First off! Thank you very much for your great input and terrific feedback so far, it really helps us to identify issues and make the game much better for launch. Due to the incredible push we have seen the last hours I wanted to inform you about the biggest annoyances some of you have experienced so far – and what we are doing about them.

    I want to say that it seems to me that most people are really enjoying the gameplay despite some technical issues. This is great news to me, but this is not the focus for this update, rather I just want to say “We see, we learn, we hear and we are fixing issues!”


    Some people call it “lagging”. Some people call it “hanging”. We have named it “stalling” internally, so that is what I am going to call it. This is the experience where the client hangs for some fraction of a second up to some seconds. This is, almost without exception, run-time compilation of shaders (a shader is “slang” for code running on the graphics card). This is a known issue, we have identified where we need to fix things, and we are working on a solution.

    The best way to minimize these stalls is to set the rendering options to one of the “presets” (low, medium or high). Tweaking the rendering settings manually, increase the chance of stalls. Our recommended low, medium and high have some more previously compiled shaders, so it should be better. It won’t be stall-free though, not until the final version is out! If you have a worse experience in Tortage Day, than Tortage Night – this is most likely the case.

    If you struggle with performance generally, turn on LOW settings. This includes Shader model 2 shaders, disabling “bloom” and has a short viewdistance. This helps a lot. Turn the viewdistance up again in the settings if you want to see more of the world after you do this…

    If you experience stalls remember that you are testing beta-code. Getting data from you is our way to make the launch experience so much better for everyone.

    Zoning or loading times

    Differently from the stalls, this issue does not happening to everyone. This issue is actually new to Open beta. It does not happen on the closed beta. We are patching closed beta with the exact same code / data as we speak, so we can try to find the reason. Be patient and we shall prevail here too

    Memory leaks

    Your client running out of memory happens gradually, especially from zoning. By restarting the client, you should be fine for some time depending on your system. We have a host of fixes for this on its way to you, and we aim to update this in a day or two. Every time the client crashes, we get a message that helps us better understand the issue. What you are doing is terrific work that will enable us to fix this!

    And then again, some are not experiencing any of this at all.

    On behalf of the whole Funcom Conan Development team working around the clock,

    Gaute Godager

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