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    Open Beta issue fixes with the Client Screen not launching game (Black screen some can hear sounds)


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    Open Beta issue fixes with the Client Screen not launching game (Black screen some can hear sounds)

    Post by lorddrow on Sat May 03, 2008 4:05 pm

    Many people have experienced issues with the launcher after clicking on play:

    1. Screen going black
    2. Screen going black but can hear music
    3. Launcher disappearing after clicking play and nothing happens.
    Here are some fixes that have solved this issue for many of us:

    1. On the Launcher Screen (the one were patches download), there is a "settings button" on the bottom right hand corner. I made the mistake of clicking this and setting a High Resolution. When I clicked play the launcher would shut down and nothing would happen. What is suppose to happen is a the splash screens (Funcom, Nvidia, etc..) show up and a video plays. I had to set this resolution to 1024 or less. Once I did that the splash screens played and the video and I was able to get into game.
    2. Click on play and screen goes black or black with music. Re-install video driver and make sure you have the latest supported driver. Reboot and try again. Some people have had to re-install video drivers more than once.
    3. Un-install game properly and re-install. This has solved at least one persons issue. It seemed there was a corrupt file that was not being friendly.

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