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    DWM.exe and Wmpnetwrk.exe in mem.. How to turn them off for more free mem.


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    DWM.exe and Wmpnetwrk.exe in mem.. How to turn them off for more free mem.

    Post by lorddrow on Thu May 01, 2008 10:27 am

    DWM.exe - runs in memory and is the most mem intensive process running. This is for the Aero effects in Vista. If you need to eek out more performance.. Right Click on desktop, Click on Personalize, Windows Color and Appearance, Choose an Scheme that is not Aero.. I use Windows Classic.. This free'd up 60K of mem.

    Wmpnetwk.exe - This is for windows Media Player to share files to other PC's or Xbox360. If you are not going to have other PC's or Xbox play files off of this computer you can turn it off. Go into Windows Media Player, Under the Library tab click on More Options, Configure Sharing, and turn off Share media. This saved about 8k in mem.

    If you want to leave DWM running because you like the look.. You can turn off most of the features temporarily when you run a game.. Find the game's .EXE file, Right Click on it, Choose Properties. Click on the Compatibility Tab, Check off Disable visual themes, Disable Desktop composition. Now when you run the game most of DWM will be turned off and free up some mem.

    Hope this helps.. It did for me.

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