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    Rayve Computer Delimma Solved!

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    Mood Hell Yes Rayve Computer Delimma Solved!

    Post by attius on Wed Dec 31, 2008 3:28 pm

    Ok let me see if I can insert the pics and stuff

    So here is Rayves old computer. The pictures where all taken with my cell phone, as my real camera was buried in the snow in the truck..

    Yes that is an additional HDD on the top, the main one had bad sectors so I threw in a spare to run games in such from.

    Yes that is a regular PC power supply sitting on her desk the special ones for this shuttle case where world wide unavailable when I had the cash and wanted to order one, now however I don't want to spend 120$ on the old system.

    Here is the motherboard that was donated to rayve by an anonymous guild member in a nice ATX case I had laying around.

    Here it has the Ram, and CPU installed that was also donated by said anonymous donor. Also I purchased a 650W Coolermaster PS for it.. wow that is a nice PS.

    My Daughter came in after her bath before bed and wanted to help... This PC took me about 10 hours to build including OS install game install etc..

    There it is ready to fire up the first time, also showing of the super video card I bought her (I am jealous actually)

    Here it is fired up

    And all buttoned up.. Note the Cool Hammer-Smith Blue lights!

    Final Specs:

    E6600 Proc
    MSI P45 Neo Mb
    4GB of 800mhz DDR2 Ram

    All the above was donated by a guildy.. my wife still can't believe someone would be that generous.. so once again THANK YOU!!, I am sure since I now have your address something will find its way to you..

    I purchased the following for it.

    Coolermaster 650W PS 79$
    BFG Geforce 260+ Overclocked 319$ (289 after rebate)
    Vista ultimate upgrade 159$ (was cheaper then business, at 200$ and fry has 0 copies of anything 64bit OEM)
    500 GB WD SATA2 HDD 99$

    I already had
    CD Burner

    Her system scores a 5.3 under Vista, and runs the game very smooth even when my laptop starts to bog she runs better.

    Thanks to everyone that gave input, and especially thanks again to the mystery donor..


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    Mood Hell Yes Re: Rayve Computer Delimma Solved!

    Post by Ulfaro on Thu Jan 01, 2009 6:08 pm

    well done! Thumbs Up


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