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    Gumdoc- Join! WAR [APPROVED]


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    Gumdoc- Join! WAR [APPROVED]

    Post by gumdoc on Wed Oct 01, 2008 1:35 pm

    Q) What MMO do you currently have the most interest in playing?

    A) Warhammer FTW! Looks like a lot of fun.

    Q) Have you read our Code of Conduct and Forum Rules?

    A) Yup...just as dull as the ones for LoTRO

    Q) Are you at least 18 years of age? [yes, no, actual age is optional]

    A) I haven't seen 18 in 28 years, but thanks for asking

    Q) Have you read at least one of our example applications? [this is highlyrecommended]

    A) Yes, I have...doubt I can be as witty as some of them.

    Q) Do you have any relatives or friends currently in the guild, or were you recruited by someone?
    If so, who?

    A) I've got many friends in the LoTRO guild...some of them may be in the Warhammer chapter I suppose.

    Q) Name: [planned in game/forum name]

    A) Gumdoc

    Q) Gender: [female, male]

    A) All male, all the time

    Q) What region do you live in? [City and State is fine.]

    A) Los Angeles, CA area

    Q) How did you hear about us: [friend, another member, forum, google, other mmo's, etc]

    A) Been in the LoTRO chapter since July.

    Q) Are you currently in any other AoC, LOTRO, or Warhammer guilds?

    A) See above

    Q) Have you applied to any other guilds?

    A) And not be part of Hammerfist? Surely you jest.

    Q) We like to have fun, how's your sense of humor? Not so good? Good? You're a standup comedian you say?

    A) I think everything is wife doesn't agree with my philosophy. Think Monty Python meets Richard Pryor and you'll have an idea where I'm coming from.

    Q) What other MMO's have you played if any: [Acquired a few skills from some other games eh? Tell us about them]

    A) The better question is which games have I not played :-) The played list would include Meridian 59, UO, AC1 and AC2, WoW, CoH/CoV, LoTRO...must be a few I'm forgetting there.

    Q) What makes you want to join us over some of the other guilds? [let us know!]

    A) Love the kin in LoTRO. I thought that the 5 Gold initiation fee that Aeditha charged me was a bit steep, but other than that, you guys rock.

    Q) Please tell a little about yourself, aside from gaming. Perhaps some hobbies, about your work, favorite story etc.

    A) I'm just your typical, average retired-dentist-turned-technology-consultant-turned-new-dad-turned-systems-integrator-turned-MMO-player-turned-mountain-climber-turned-lecturer-and-writer-turned-hiker guy.

    Please remember to register here on these forums.

    A) Been there, done that.

    Q) Do you have any questions for us?

    A) What is the circumference of the earth? Nearest mile is adequate...
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    Re: Gumdoc- Join! WAR [APPROVED]

    Post by Gorlokk on Wed Oct 01, 2008 1:39 pm

    Mmm....a bit thin...but considering you are in the LoTR part of Hammerfist, I guess some people will know you and will be familiar with who you are and such. How is mountain climbing like? I've always wanted to go, but I don't think I'm currently fit enough, and I'm too lazy to do it. Aside from that, what class do you plan on playing?

    And I think he's cool, so yes from me. =)

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    Re: Gumdoc- Join! WAR [APPROVED]

    Post by gumdoc on Wed Oct 01, 2008 2:53 pm

    Mountain climbing is great but requires a lot of training, preparation, and time. I haven't done anything major yet. My biggest accomplishments include Kilimanjaro at 19,000 ft, 3rd camp on Aconcagua near 18,000 ft and base camp at K2 in Pakistan close to 17,500 ft. Denali is really my last goal but with a 2-year-old at home, that may be on the quasi-permanent backburner.

    Not really decided on a class yet. I've got 4 alts in LoTRO and love them all, so I'll probably start with a melee DPS and likely a tank as well....but healer sounds like fun too :-)

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    Re: Gumdoc- Join! WAR [APPROVED]

    Post by Brakkish on Wed Oct 01, 2008 3:38 pm

    Approved Applicant

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    Re: Gumdoc- Join! WAR [APPROVED]

    Post by Lorahand on Wed Oct 01, 2008 6:07 pm

    Just said hi to this guy last night when i loaded up LOTRO, glad to see your coming to War... see ya in game.


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    Re: Gumdoc- Join! WAR [APPROVED]

    Post by Zotar on Thu Oct 02, 2008 10:25 am

    Welcome aboard!!!!

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    Re: Gumdoc- Join! WAR [APPROVED]

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