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    Brakkish - Join! [APPROVED]

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    Re: Brakkish - Join! [APPROVED]

    Post by Malist on Thu Sep 18, 2008 11:33 am

    "A)Anyone up for some head lopping? Maybe barmaid bottom slapping down at the ol' tavern? Wenches and Ale?"

    Ahh yes, the good life.

    Unfortunately this application looks a bit thin! rofl
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    Re: Brakkish - Join! [APPROVED]

    Post by Breygon on Fri Sep 19, 2008 9:00 pm

    Zular wrote:I can just picture us sidling on up in our picturesque ocean liner, hailing another cruiser. As we come abreast of the other ship, we raise the Hammerfistbeard Jolly Roger. Suddenly, the lifeboats split open to reveal cannons - the old-school ball type ones. Open Fire! Chaos erupts when we blast them with giant globs of sticky glue and paint. The occupants of the other boat are screaming in panic as we swing across on lines made of entwined USB or Cat5 cables, brandishing our shiny cutlasses. We round up all the other passengers and divest them of their valuables, loading them into giant burlap sacks. We leave the sacks on the upper decks with a note - "Just Kidding! Razz " and we sail away into the night, laughing with maniacal glee!

    You're in the guild for sure!

    Arrrgh! Just the thing to be reading On Talk Like A Pirate Day! Sign me up, Cap'n. Me cutlass be thirsty! Arr!
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    Re: Brakkish - Join! [APPROVED]

    Post by Keleck on Sun Nov 02, 2008 3:22 pm

    Kahan wrote:
    Andway wrote:
    Sohjinn wrote:If i say no, does that mean i can be clan leader? *GLEE*

    Sure but you have to go through initiation first. Twisted Evil

    And you need to know that with Andway initiation consists of handcuffs and chains and whips...

    That doesn't sound like a bad thing.

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    Re: Brakkish - Join! [APPROVED]

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