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    Kythkari-Join [APPROVED]


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    Kythkari-Join [APPROVED]

    Post by Kythkari on Wed Jul 16, 2008 3:43 pm

    Q) Have you read our Code of Conduct and Forum Rules?
    A) Indeed I have... I Couldn't agree with it more.

    Q) Are you at least 18+ years of age? [yes, no, actual age is optional]
    A) Yes. In fact I am 36.

    Q) What region do you live in? [City and State is fine.]
    A) Mobile, AL

    Q) Gender:
    A) Male

    Q) Have you read at least one of our example applications? [this is highly recommended]
    A) Yes

    Q) Do you have any relatives or friends currently in the guild, or were you recruited by someone? If so, who?
    A) No. I browsed through the AoC guild thread & & Brak's post made an impression.

    Q)Forum name: [The name you will be registering here]
    A) Kythkari

    Q) Current character name(s): [blank if none]
    A) On Dagoth: Garathorm [21 Guardian], Kythkari [18 Barbarian], Xyster [Ranger]

    Q) How did you hear about us: [friend, another member, forum, google, other mmo's, etc]
    A) AoC Guild Recruitment thread

    Q) Are you currently in any other Age of Conan guilds? Please tell us your reason for wanting to leave if you answered yes.
    A) No

    Q) Have you applied to any other Age of Conan guilds? Please tell us the status of your application if you answered yes.
    A) No

    Q) What class and level are you? If you're not playing yet, what class do you intend to conquer Hyboria with?
    A) Eh I just picked up the game a few days back, I'm leaning towards a bear shaman as it sounds closest to my playstyle. But I do love to dabble & check things out. My biggest motivation atm in applying is to get involved with a community right from the start.

    Q) We like to have fun, how's your sense of humor? Not so good? Good? You're a standup comedian you say?
    A) I love to have a good time & can take a joke easily enough. I've been known to turn jokes back on the jokester as well as jumping right in when a chance presents itself.

    Q) What other MMO's have you played if any: [Acquired a few skills from some other games eh? Tell us about them]
    A) Star Wars Galaxies Bria Server... Master of every crafting profession back in the day before the big nerfing of the game.
    B) World of Warcraft Cenarius & Runetotem Servers... Recently cancelled my account after it was obvious Blizzard had different ideas on the game's direction & where my interests were. In WoW I was a raid leader & among my toons was Kythkari my tauren shaman, Hallelujah my paladin, Xyster my warrior & Pikatta my hunter, all 70s.
    C) Vanguard (Beta Tester) Unfortunately Sigil Entertainment didn't live up to the promise on that game. /sigh

    Q) What makes you want to join us over some of the other AoC guilds? [let us know!]
    A) Your Code of Conduct really hit home with me, I don't want drama, I want to have a good time & at the same time be in a friendly environment based of of common courtesy & respect for individuals. Secondly, I'm new to AoC & most of my gaming buddies are sticking w/ WoW for the time being, so it seems I need to get out & meet some new faces Very Happy

    Q) What is your forum name on the official AoC forums?

    Q) Tell us a tidbit or two about you, outside of gaming. Maybe about your job, your hobbies, maybe what sports you like to play. Anything you'd like to share.
    A) Well currently I'm in Mobile, AL taking care of my late mom's estate... I utilize MMOs as an escape of sorts, somewhere I can go & get away from the stress & pressure of real life events. My work schedule varies from week to week, but when I've got the time, poof here I am in game.

    Please remember to register here on these forums.
    A) Done Smile

    Q) Do you have any questions for us?
    A) Just curious if a lowbie, not necessarily an MMO newbie, would be considered for the guild? Not to keen on soloing for awhile before reapplying later on. No I'm not implying I need my hand held, but advice, tips or grouping with lower level alts would be something I would enjoy.
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    Re: Kythkari-Join [APPROVED]

    Post by Latigo on Wed Jul 16, 2008 4:22 pm

    No issues with lowbies at all. We have plenty of common level people and alts at the lower levels for you to group with.

    Nice app. I vote yes. alien
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    Re: Kythkari-Join [APPROVED]

    Post by Brakkish on Wed Jul 16, 2008 5:21 pm

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    Re: Kythkari-Join [APPROVED]

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