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    My detailed example of FPS with SLI and without

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    My detailed example of FPS with SLI and without Empty My detailed example of FPS with SLI and without

    Post by StockySnail on Tue Jun 10, 2008 9:22 pm

    Here's my detailed example of my computer's FPS's with and without SLI and with complete info on which details are set and what hardware I'm running. I ran with and without SLI in a standing position looking at a scene that had both near and far objects and also a scene with close objects. The 4 screenshots show the 2 scenes and my exact video settings.

    FPS With SLI
    35-42 with close scene
    25-33 with far scene

    FPS Without SLI
    25-30 with close scene
    20-25 with far scene

    The 4 links are screenshots are:
    Video settings basic
    Video settings Advanced
    Far away scene
    Close up scene

    This is obviously not a test to see how well it performs with lots of animations on the screen like spells and players running around. The fps's will obviously be worse in those instances. I'm just letting everyone get a feeling of what type of computer they need to do what they want to do.

    Here's a detailed description of my computers specs:
    Intel core 2 duo e8400 3ghz
    8gb 800ddr2 ram
    1000watt power supply
    8800gts 320mb running sli (and without in this example)
    74gb Western Digital Raptor 10k sata
    Vista 64 sp1

    I have my windows swap file turned off since I have 8gb of ram, which speeds up the computer a little.

    According to [H]Enthusiast with one 8800gt 512mb you'd expect to get a min of 12fps max 49 and ave of 34 with a similar setup I have but with view distance up all the way (3500m). They used a computer running xp with 2gb of ram and the video card was different, aside from the the 2 machines were basically identical. So in theory if I ran one 8800gt ($160 newegg) I'd get a hair better results using only one card vs the 2 8800gts's I have sli'ed which ran me $250 for both.

    In summary, if you are upgrading your computer because of this game, currently running SLI in my example only yields 5-13 fps boost which is around a 10-15% increase in performance. Video cards I recommend would be the 8800gts 512mb ($220), the 8800gts ultra ($500), or the 9900gtx ($290). I'm thinking about selling my new video cards I just bought a few months ago to get one of these instead since conan likes them more at my resolution, so if any of you would like to buy one of my 8800gts's for $100, plus shipping I'll sell it to you.

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