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    Double Guilding - Regarding Hammerfist Teams

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    Double Guilding - Regarding Hammerfist Teams

    Post by Brakkish on Tue Apr 08, 2008 3:06 am

    Regarding Double Guilding (belonging to multiple guilds simultaneously)

    As a member of the Hammerfist Gaming Community you have the freedom to choose any guild of your liking. However, we do ask that if you are a member of a Hammerfist team in one of our games, you respect our teams' double guilding policy.

      Double guilding is not an accepted practice while participating on a Hammerfist team.. Double guilding is belonging to 2 or more guilds simultaneously, within the same game, with any character or alt. Note that belonging to a Hammerfist team in a particular game, and belonging to another guild in a different game is not considered double guilding.

      Among many reasons why double guilding is not allowed, there is the obvious reason of security. There is a potential for leaking guild secrets, such as harvesting zones, prime loot zones, transferring of funds and/or loot to your alts etc.

    Therefore we ask that you and your alts remain in only this guild, if you so decide to join us.

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