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    Stuttering Sound / Video

    Cherek Stoneshoulders
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    Stuttering Sound / Video

    Post by Cherek Stoneshoulders on Fri May 16, 2008 11:45 pm

    After I patched up tonight in prep for tomorrows Early Access start... I fired up the client to make sure everything worked.

    Well. the intro videos do not work entirely. They stutter. From the Funcom logo through the intro cutscene, the sound cuts in and out an random intervals. It it surely something to do with the Bink Video encoder/player they are using. I tried messing with the in game sound issues to no avail.

    I DID find a work around which lets me view the movies outside of the game. Some people even report it fixes their problems IN the game, but its not the case for me.

    There was another fix used during Beta -- by accessing the debug menu (ctrl + ~) and selecting "Static PLV....." -- but they have removed the debugger from the retail client of course, so I do not know how to change that setting For reference

    I hope the sound issues do not carry over into gameplay. We'll see tomorrow. Smile

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